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Meet young and talented artist Nasty D

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Born Toe D. Jackson on the 31th of December, Nasty D, doing Trapco, Afro-Pop, Hip Hop. He first got in the game during high school years. Rapping with school mates, writing songs in class and performing at every school function which won him recognition in school.

He had a passion of music since his childhood but later on became inspired by American rapper, Kendrick Lamar and decided to take it serious. He firstly started doing music when he was at school and it was through the same rap battles and street raps that made him discover that he had what it takes to be a good rapper.

After high school he decided to follow his long time dream. His career began to get moving in when he worked on a song titled “Wuh Ur Lewo” which featured A- Raw and Nuchie Meek and another good song which i still don’t know why it didn’t hit til now “Work” which also featured Big Max and Will B.

2019, moving from strength to strength with his song writing abilities and vocal skills, he released another single titled “Main Street” featuring hit producer, Venny Beatz. Nasty D, is currently in the studio working on the release of his highly anticipated album “Nasty World”.

Nasty D, dream about music is to become an inspiration to everyone because he is known by pushing himself like a person who don’t have a manager or a record deal, and yet he does everything on his own.

According to the young rapper, he stated that Liberia, and the World at large should expect more hits songs, top features and music videos from him. His music has earned him a household name with songs such as “Wuh Ur Lewo” featuring A- Raw and Nuchie Meek, and “Bucky Oppong Winning” and “Main Street” featuring Venny Beatz, enhancing his music profile.

Nasty World, his first album which will be released as soon as it is finalized and more collaboration from big Liberian musicians.