Mezonic urges Liberian Youths to Acquire Vocational Skills

Liberian recording artiste, Mezonic, in an exclusive interview with urged the youths of Liberia to acquire vocational skills.

According to Mezonic, real name Mesaan S. Wuor, skills acquisition would give rise to entrepreneurship which would in turn help Liberia’s stagnant economy.

“I want to personally encourage the youth of Liberia all around the world to acquire some type of vocational training skill.” – Mezonic said.

As co-founder of, a website made to showcase black people in a positive light, Mezonic has listed several vocations that Liberian youths could be trained in on the website.

“We want to plant a good seed in the minds of our black youth, so they can start to picture a bright but realistic future. We also want to encourage black people of the world but especially here in the U.S.A, that all hope is not lost; with hard work, determination, and an entrepreneur’s spirit, anything is achievable!” – the website stated as its mission.

The North Carolina-based Hip-hop/Afrobeat artiste is currently promoting his Carnival album which is already breaking barriers and receiving massive airplay in Liberia and the United States. The full album can be downloaded on MRPELLC.COM.

“Carnival is my way of sharing Liberian Afrobeat with the world. It is my direct way of presenting Liberian culture to Liberians and to people who are from other countries. I spoke about our, culture, food, slangs, music etc… I showed that Liberian culture is also African culture; while singing & rapping on Afrobeats, Dance-hall beats, Hip-hop beats, & a reggaeton beat.” – Mezonic said about the Carnival Album.


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