Mirac Mirac’s Monrovia’s Afternoon Record Label making strides in Liberia music industry

Monrovia's Afternoon

One of the giant record labels holding the Liberia music industry, Monrovia’s Afternoon Record Label is making strides in the industry.

According to its founder Mirac Mirac, Monrovia’s Afternoon is on a music to project Liberia’s music globally.

Based in the United States and established in 2017, Monrovia’s Afternoon prides itself as an independent label that handles all genres.

The label covers all genres from Hip Hop to Trapco and its signed artists are a true reflection; MOE Red Cup, Chapo, Dream, Lil Rich, and Aysia B are just a sampling of the talents represented.

Initially mostly made up of artists from its home state of Minnesota, the record has since extended its geographical reach to include nationally recognized artists, with Young Classic and Trillz both signing onto the record label earlier this month.

Many artists on Monrovia’s Afternoon Record Label are true game changers. The label has consistently made room for any challenging and dynamic artist with a vision.

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James Momo is popularly known in showbiz as 'Drizzy'. He is a music critic, writer and pundit on several entertainment shows on radio. James has been writing on Liberian music since 2014.

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