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ML Exclusive Interview: Webbie Da Bozz Sets The Standard For 2020

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Webbie Da Bozz wants to take on the music industry. The “Good Time” crooner is determined to remain true to himself by consistently keeping things light while pursuing his undying love for music.

We had a chat below with Webbie Da Bozz about his journey thus far, his future endeavors and more. Read ahead for the interview.

At what point did you decide to pursue music?

I started pursuing music professionally in 2017. I understood music to be my thing and no matter what it was going to take, I had to end up in it.

What is your process like when creating music?

Music just comes to me in my everyday movement. I draw inspiration from the things around me and the things I hear. I generally format the song structure by starting with the chorus …. then the verse. Sometime bridges in the middle.

What was the story behind “Good Time”?

Good time was a song I did during my artist development training. I found the instrumental later after I recover my computer from backup.  By the time I finished, I knew I had something special. And it’s about celebration of life, no worries, everything will be okay vibe.

Considering how well “Good Time” has done, do you feel any pressure to switch things up in order to outdo yourself?

I’m always going to switch things up naturally because no song I make is the same. Before I released “Good Time,” nobody expected me to release a song like it. I have an EP that I’m working on, Good Time is just the beginning for more hits.

What has been the most memorable experience so far in your career?

Everything that’s happening to me is base on the music I released. I’m the most talk about artist in the state, yet I’m still a new comer. I’m working on my first album, with some top producer in Liberia, and also working on strategy to get contract with sponsors to release my debut album. After, I will now be ready for awards shows and also start my tour.

What do you have in store for the new year?

A lot a good things, they gonna see more music, and videos…as I keep building momentum for my debut album …the fans gonna get a chance to see me out more,  this summer. I’m gonna be everywhere, soccer field, BBQ party, July 26 celebrations to better interaction with my fans.

What artists are you hoping to collaborate with in the near future?

I’m definitely hoping for Christoph, CIC, Eric Geso. I want to work with Stunna. Skinny Boy Panto as well! But, I would love to work with any artists.