MLMA 2019: Four Reasons Christoph Didn’t Deserve Wining The Hipco/Trapco Artist Of The Year, And Album Of The Year

The MTN Liberian Music Awards is every young, upcoming artiste, A-List artists dreams of mounting its platform. The MTN Liberian Music Awards should get the logic of individuals winning some of these awards.

MTN Liberian Music Awards is a big award. If the Hipco/Trapco artist of the year and Album of the year was given to Christoph, what is the MLMA promoting.

The awards is designed for a futuristic artiste, not a noise maker.

Reasons Christoph Didn’t Deserve Wining The Hipco/Trapco Artist Of The Year, And Album Of The Year

1) Well, Christoph tried his total best this year but the songs aren’t just enough to land him the Album of the year, and Hipco/Trapco artist of the year. With only two played songs, it is a bit small to compete with his major competitors; Bucky Raw and CIC in the respective categories. He probably got compensated with those huge award though.

2) Christoph have veered off the path of greatness as he’s no longer in the spotlight. It wasn’t going to take long before music fans start dropping him as an upcoming artiste. Recent singles haven’t lived up to the billing. Christoph music seems to lack direction and it’s obvious he has yet to find the sound that works best for him. Can we pin point to any single that actually made us feel good or happy from Christoph in recent times? Rather, we’ve had loud music from him, filled with slangs and all about booze, and all shades of profanity.

3) Yes, Christoph fan base is an advantage, whichever way. However, sometimes a huge fan base can pump numbers that have aren’t a reflection of truth – especially in a dysfunctional industry as Liberia’s.

While Christoph has kept struggling, the likes of Bucky Raw, Barsee Mocopala Kiloda, CIC among other in both categories has becomes one of Liberia’s hottest acts of the past 1 year. Also over the past months, Christoph has not been whom everybody wants to feature.

4) Christoph had fought the entire country, often over the most basic of things. From money to imprint, the artiste have had war with the media and found out new ways to go lower in status. The police had been involved in most of Christoph cases lately, physical altercation were reported and accidents have occurred. All of these had affected the rapper’s ability to sustain music. An artiste at war cannot create good music.

Albums in Liberia have to be teased, and anticipation built via the release of singles. The fans and public have to yearn for new materials from you, and this can only be achieved by releasing good music and albums. None of Christoph’s song on his ‘Bonnie Dust’ album becomes hits. He still has no single to propel this album, not to talked of him winning both awards. Nothing major happened for Christoph, other than meagre collaborations. Instead, of living up to his expectations, the rapper succeeding in wasting his momentum

There is no reason he should get a recognition from Liberia’s premier music awards. He also has no buzz or hits.

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James Momo is popularly known in showbiz as 'Drizzy'. He is a music critic, writer and pundit on several entertainment shows on radio. James has been writing on Liberian music since 2014.

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