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Money can’t buy talent, the case of Dancehall artiste turned Gospel singer, CanC

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Former Dancehall artiste, currently now a gospel singer CanC, might have all the money in the world but one thing she can’t buy with it is talent.

I know some of you who are reading this article are her fans and it will definitely anger you but you see, someone had to say it, too bad that it had to be me.

The are many articles about her publicity stunts, cars, and flashy lifestyle. Interestingly, there is no article where she is referred to as a talented artist because she’s just not.

This artiste is loaded and that means that she has no problem paying studio fees or shooting a video as is the case with most local artists. I’m sure she even pays double because she has deep pockets.

What this implies is that she can release a track whenever and as regularly as she wants which is a problem because she ends up giving his fans mediocre music.

To me it seems like CanC does music to pass time the same way you and I, who are not as loaded as she is, can watch a movie or go swimming when we are bored.

More often than not, her songs are flat and uninspired. At times, her whack songs leave me wondering why she can not hire a songwriter with all the money that she has. Isn’t money a solution to all problems?

To be fair though, CanC has an amazing voice and she has the potential of becoming one of the best artists not only in this country but the whole of Africa but I think she just doesn’t care.

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