Musician Webbie Da Bozz Targets International Market

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A good number of Liberian musicians are believed to have the local market as target for their products but that is not the case with  US Based Liberian artiste, Webbie Da Bozz who is doing just the opposite.

The lad has shared his ambition at a time when most young musicians from countries with a vibrant entertainment industry are getting international recognition.

Citing a number of youthful Liberian musicians with a name, he believes nothing can stop him from getting there.

If musicians like Bucky Raw, Kobazzie, and CIC made it, nothing can stop a Liberian boy like me from getting there. It’s just a matter of having good management,” he said

As a matter of staying true to his dreams, Webbie Da Bozz has released a song titled “Good Time”. In this regard, his songs are going to everyone across the world.

The Liberian boy vows to work day and night in an effort to have his music on international platforms and in the end joined musicians who are putting the country on the map.