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NEW MUSIC: MEZONIC – ‘Mama Africa’

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Mama Africa is a heartfelt song about the beauty of Africa. The song was recorded on February 28th, 2019 by International Hip-hop/Afro-pop Artist & Producer, MEZONIC. The full mix and master was completed by MEZONIC’s engineer on March 7th, 2019.

Many Africans are simply tired of having to explain themselves to the western world about how beautiful the continent of Africa is. The western media (U.S.A, Europe, & Asia) prefers to show all the negative aspects of Africa (Diseases, Poverty, Malnutrition, Shacks, etc..) Could this negative image be a propaganda to not only divide black people around the world but also a method to exploit the natural resources out of Africa?

The only positive thing about Africa the western media shows is nature (forests, animals, plants, mountains, rivers, lakes, etc..).

Africa is so much more than just nature. We have world-class tourist destinations, exotic beaches, exotic and different people, beautiful cities, astounding resorts, and so much to offer.

Africa is blessed with nature, natural resources (Oil, diamond, gold, etc..), fertile soil to grow just about and fruit or crop.

MEZONIC did his best to really beautify Africa in the minds of people who know only the opposite.