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No News In The Music Industry, We Miss Berenice Mulubah – Says Bucky Raw

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Things are constantly changing in the music industry and it’s important to stay on top of trends and news updates, especially as an artist. noticed a trend of “missing” signs from trapco artiste, Bucky Raw and comedian Ezypain after the “Amen” hitmaker posted of being frustrated by the lack of news in the Liberian Music Industry.

Today, the entertainment industry is rapidly developing in the internet. But it seems Bucky Raw has been frustrated by the lack of entertainment news within the industry. Although, the traffic stats of these blogs are overwhelming, CSE frontrunner couldn’t keep silent considering how boring the industry has been in recent times, and had to expressed how much he missed Berenice Mulubah.

Berenice Mulubah, formerly a blogger with her C Liberia Clearly blog, same brand given to her record label, took to Twitter some months back to tell her fans that she’s retiring from blogging in order to start a career as a musician.

For in our country where bloggers were previously regarded as the downtrodden; Berenice Mulubah defied the odds, took risks and dared to be different.

The former blogger achieved a lot for herself so far in our world of blogging and even beyond, and she has now been missed by some of her trusted fans and reader while still in the blogging scene.

The Superstar added his comment on twitter, “We miss you Berenice Mulubah”.

Will Berenice Mulubah continue her career as a musician or will she break all odds and return to the blogging scene? Have your say in the comment section.