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Now That Dancehall Artiste, CanC Has Broken Up With Lenz Mulbah, What Becomes Of Their Matching Tattoos?

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When artiste CanC and Lenz Mulbah started dating, everyone loved the idea and they looked inseparable. From getting matching tattoos to kissing during some of her live interviews, and in the streets. All thought these guys where going to be the next biggest love couples in the industry.

Keeping the union of a man and a woman as partners in a relationship is not as easy as the word marriage sounds. It takes the two parties involved to make a marriage work, and when one disagrees, the bond is broken.

Well, by mid-2019, our predictions were beginning to look bleak. Alas! It didn’t take long before we began to notice cracks in the relationship. For some times now, CanC have been posting cryptic messages on her Facebook page leaving fans bewildered.

CanC shocked her fans when she first posted months back that she was leaving her husband record label, and later stated that she was also leaving her marriage over domestic violence and abuse by her husband. The crashed marriage shook the industry and it was said to have crashed over her husband Lenz alleged domineering attitude.

While CanC was busy pointing accusing fingers at her husband, he too had another side of the story to tell. Lenz who married CanC said she was cheating on him. It didn’t end there, CanC also revealed how she was even assaulted by her husband on numerous occasions.

CanC and Lenz haven’t come out to officially announce their separation but it looks like their once beautiful marriage ship has long sailed.