OAP Rickslyn Myers advocates for gay rights, as fans go wild!

On Air Personality Rickslyn Myers, went on social media a few hours ago to voice her support on the rights of gays in Liberia eliciting a whirlwind on social media.

Condemning gay marriage when your lil hoe *** is fornicating with somebody’s husband 🤦🏽‍♀️
The hypocrisy!

Her post is now trending hot on social media with majority of the comments suggesting Rickslyn Myers may have burned herself this time;

Ricklyn if is truth you said this them you I a disgrace to African

Then let the sis stop chasing celebrity dicks and join them 🙄🙄🙄🙄If she na with them already😏😏

This is what happens when people are trying hard to gain relevance and attention.
She feels that by saying this,the western countries will recognize her and perhaps promote her.
She has forgotten her culture and her roots or apparently she’s one of them.
Its illegal and UNGODLY and has no place in our society!!!!!

I used to liked n love her ooo
Buh since she open la her myers mouth advocating for gay neh naa spoil ley whole fanship 😭😭

The sis is a Lesbian😌 so what do u expect?

I think she crazy

Someone putting their finger in her nunu that’s why she’s saying that bullshit. Ma you can advocate all you want, America won’t give you visa.

Stwwww….. I’m going to unlike her fucking page by the way!!!!  What kinda shit is this??!!!!

But not all of the comments have swung hard at Rickslyn Myers. A strong supporter wrote  “Everyone got their life to live, and I think each individual got the right to choose how to live it.  Plus Liberia don’t  have a traditional, it died the minute everybody decides to go by the saying “Majority rules”! Y’all talking about “It’s wrong it’s that”. Deep down you wanna suck someone child pussy or you wanna get fuck in the ass!
Y’all leave people so they can live their life the way they want!
And don’t bring that “God is against that” bullshit to me, God isn’t against you fornicating?

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