(What is the law?) (What is the law?)

Animals came from miles around So tired of walking so close toe the ground They needed a chance, that’s what they said Life is better walking on two legs But they were in for a big surprise ‘Cause they didn’t know the law!

CHORUS (What is the law) No spill blood What is the law (No spill blood)

(Who makes the rules) Someone else Who makes the rules (Someone else)

The rules are written in the stone Break the rules and you get no bones All you get is ridicule, laughter And a trip to the house of pain!


CHORUS (in reverse order)

We walk on two legs not on four To walk on four legs breaks the law What happens when we break the law? What happens when the rules aren’t fair? We all know here we go from there To the house of pain! To the house of pain!

(What is the law) What is the law

(Who makes the rules) Who makes the rules

We walk on two legs not on four To the house of pain To the house of pain To the house of pain To the house of pain To the house of pain (No spill blood)


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