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One F-k Boy Has Probably Removed Efia Odo’s Lingerie And Dumped Her

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Our low-budget Kylie Jenner, Efia Odo, has probably suffered another terrible broken heart judging from her posts on Snapchat. Why are these ‘F’ boys playing with her heart as if it’s some football?

Perhaps, she is also obsessed with these fraud boys and f-k boys who only get into her life just to remove her lingerie and have a bite of what’s down there.

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Efia Odo posted on Snapchat that she’s regretted meeting someone, probably, a man and that she needs to go on a date, get drunk and forget they even met in the first place.

It could be that someone has removed her lingerie and dumped her again. She also says that she’s overstayed in Ghana and wants to fly back to the United States.