One Thing Every Failed Artist Has In Common

A career in the music business can be one of the toughest, most frustrating paths to take, especially if you’re a musician whose dream is to top the charts and sell out.

We have an industry where majority of the musicians experience failure more than success. I can tell you that I have heard lots of great songs by some amazing artists like Takun J, Nasseman, DenG, CIC, Bucky Raw, Stunna, Soulfresh, and the list goes on and on, but I have also seen most of them have their dreams dashed as a result of one specific issue that seems to plague most(not all) failed artists’ careers. Is it because they never got signed to a record label? That can’t be it, because many of unsigned artists earn a living in music without ever signing a label deal.

Ultimately, it’s up to the artist to decide whether or not earning a living in music is important. If it isn’t that serious for you, then you’re likely just a hobbyist. But if you view music as the only career path you want for yourself, then start educating yourself about how the business side works.

This primary issue that most failed artists have in common is the fact that they do not view their music careers for a business perspective. If you currently earn a living from the music you make like Bucky Raw, CIC, Stunna, Soulfresh, DenG, Christoph, then this article may not be for you. But if music isn’t your primary source of income, and you like it only for moral, then it starts with your mindset and habits. It’s my hope that you’ll learn something from this article that will help you find the right path to success in your music career.

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James Momo is popularly known in showbiz as 'Drizzy'. He is a music critic, writer and pundit on several entertainment shows on radio. James has been writing on Liberian music since 2014.

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