Photos: Blogger Benita Urey spends quality time with less privilege kids, while distributing notebooks

Generosity is universal, and people across the globe participate in charitable giving. That said, there are certain Liberian celebrities or public figures who have gone the extra mile to see that they help the less privilege.

It’s good to know that blogger Benita Urey, out of her busy schedule still try to put a smile on people’s faces. The Influential Back To School Program first project was financially supported to the children’s primary school in the impoverished places in Liberia.

According to the Liberian Influence CEO, she said: ” The mission to get kids back to school continued today! We ended up in three communities in District 15, another community in Jacob Town and finished up in parts of Margibi 🙌🏽 Grateful for another day to give back with my team Mobilizers For Change, The Liberian Influencers, my friends (@bleesnews and @joycee1894) and the queen @brownwillimena (@missuniversityafricaliberia) 🙏🏾❤️

We will be in Bomi and Barnesville tomorrow 🙏🏾

While many of today’s celebrities seem to be primarily concerned with increasing their social media following or inspiring sensational media headlines, there are also plenty who devote a significant amount of time and energy to charitable causes.

The prevalence of poverty in many communities has made the country a popular focal point for celebrity philanthropy.

Blogger Benita Urey, has no association or owns any charitable organization, but she is know to have the heart of gold. She gives out a lot to people with needs. It is on record that she always shares gifts and comes out to assist people who are in need.

In the course of her visit, she shared gifts with the inhabitants of the community and also spent time having fun with them. She has given out to a lot of the less privileged, visit orphanages where she has not just donated but spent quality time with these children.

Benita Urey love for charity is really huge because of her nationwide charity events and projects. With your support, The Influential Back To School Program really can build a brighter future for school children in Liberia. This is not a crisis appeal, this is an opportunity to support a programme that is making a very real long term difference to people’s lives in Liberia.

Please make The Influential Back To School Program your chosen cause and help them to give these children the best possible start to their education.

See more photos below:

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