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PHOTOS: Nadia Buari’s Wedding Ring Keeps Shifting From Her Ring Finger To Her Middle Finger – What’s Going On In Her Marriage?

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Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari in June 2018 shocked the whole of Ghana by revealing that she secretly got married and gave birth to four beautiful kids all at the blindside of the media.

So we presume that she is indeed married and living a happy life with her yet-to-be-known husband but why does her wedding ring keep shifting from her ring finger to her middle finger?

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Is there something she keeping from us or she’s just having fun with her rock wedding ring?

In some photos, you will see her wedding ring on her ring finger and in other photos, you will see the same ring on her middle finger.

Maybe her ring finger gets tired of carrying that rock of a ring sometimes and she prefers shifting it to the middle finger to give us the middle finger sign for poke nosing in her private affairs.