Quincy B Second Baby Mama Gave Birth To A Boy

(Photo Credit: A.B. Lincoln)

                                  – Robert Jr. Saint-Pé  (Grain Coast Magazine;TunesLiberia Chief Editor)

It was announced on July 28, 2017 that Quincy B second alleged baby mama, Samara Angel Harris gave birth to Quincy B. Jr. The Afro-Pop artist died in a fatal car accident on March 3, 2017.

The car involved included Hip Co artists: Feouls Kaba, Margas, and C.I.C. Although he might have been the biggest artist among them, pictures of the scene only showed tragic photos of Quincy and the car. Up till now, there hasn’t been a single photo of the accident scene showing Margas, Feouls, or C.I.C.

Though investigations for an autopsy was canceled by Quincy’s mother, Liberia celebrates the birth of Quincy B. Jr. Congratulations comments circulate Facebook as Liberian musicians, entertainers, and fans express their love for Quincy’s son. All of his fans, and supporters would expect if not both his children, but one to follow his footstep as a musician.

Liberia’s legend, Quincy L. Burrowes left behind two pregnant ladies, Candy Adoral Kollie, the mother of his daughter, “Qadira Burrowes”, and Samara Angel Harris the mother of his son, “Quincy B. Jr”.




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