Rap Battle 2019: Christoph vs. Bucky Raw?

Bucky Raw and Christoph

“Cut your coat according to your measurement.” Liberian Proverb.

There are rumors that the beef between Christoph the Change (“Uncle Vambo”) and Bucky Raw will likely be settled via a face to face rap battle. Spicing things up, Bucky Raw’s manager, King George teased Liberian Music fans of the face-to-face battle the two rappers, when he wrote on his facebook page:

“I heard that the Rap battle between Bucky Raw and Christoph TheChange Nyenga will finally be going down! The check almost cleared. Get ready for the fight bigger than Mayweather and pacquioa! #BC1.”

However, we are yet to hear from Christoph’s camp concerning the rumored “rap battle.”

After taking shots at each other in 2018, with Christoph continuing to take shots at Bucky Raw through the new year, the fans of Liberian music will finally get to see an end to this “beef.” As the fans look to see their top artists help Liberian music go global by putting aside their differences and working together.

The fans are interested to see what the terms of any deal between the two artists will look like. What happens to the loser? Will both rappers refrain from performing tracks dissing the other, including engaging in provocative acts, even at their fans’ request?

How will the fans perceive the loser? Will they even be taken seriously in the industry again?

Will the loser be required to stop his friends from dissing the other rapper? What happens if either rapper breaches the terms of the agreement?

Both parties want to get pay for their bars, but will a rap battle finally settle the personal dispute between the two rappers?

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