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Rapper Cookie opens up on working with Christoph and describes upcoming song as ‘Extremely Juicy’

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Liberian female rapper, Cookie, in an interview with opened up on her working relationship with Rapper Christoph The Change, her challenges in the music industry, what she looks forward to achieve and “Juicy” which is set to be released on Friday.

Rapper Cookie
Rapper Cookie

Cookie, who chose to do rap because it makes her feel “happy and alive” said she looks forward to bigger and greater opportunities as she takes it upon herself to put Liberian music on the map.

“I look forward to bigger and greater opportunities..I love my country Liberia so dearly, and I want to make it my duty to put Liberian music on the map. Not only in Africa but the entire world..My dream is to see Liberian music at an international level and with God, hard work, and dedication I believe I can make a difference. I want to be the baddest, the hottest, and the dopest female rapper in the whole world. I believe I already am.” Cookie said with smiles all over her face.

Rapper Cookie
Rapper Cookie

When asked about how she feels working with top acts like Christoph, Cookie who featured on the 2018 All Female Cypher said “It’s awesome!”. According to her, having Christoph and Lil Arch on her upcoming song ‘JUICE’ makes the track “extremely juicy”.

Enjoy the rest of the interview below:

How was the feeling like working with Christoph?
It’s awesome!. “JUICE” is not the first song I’ve worked with Chris on and it won’t be the last. We both admire and respect our games, and besides the music he’s a brother and friend to me.. When Dr. Gaim (producer) did the beat to “JUICE”, and Lil Arch dropped the chorus on it, I thought it was dope and honestly the only rapper I knew was gonna kill it would be Christoph. So I met him one on one and told him about it, and he did not hesitate in doing his part. We went to the studio together, it was on a Saturday, I still remember vividly and that’s how we did the banger. We released our first project back in 2016 titled “Like My Style“.

What are some of your challenges as a Female rapper?
Well, they have a saying that “what don’t kill you makes you stronger”…Like I stated earlier, music is truly my passion so I’m prepared for any challenge (s)…. Some promoters and disc jockeys (djs) see female artists as “lesser”. They would rather play male artists songs than female artists.. I guess because the music industry is more male dominant. But that’s why I’m in the game because I want to make a huge difference and prove them wrong. Moreover, it is hard for female artists due to the lack of financial support in recording songs, carrying out promotions, doing music videos, etc.. But God has been great to me cuz he always finds a way to make it possible for me. I haven’t done a video yet due to lack of funds but it’s one of my main goals I hope to accomplish this year and I know God will make a way.I believe no challenge can stop me from doing music. I’m an over comer. I’m a female doing rap so I have it in the back of my mind that there will be obstacles. Some people know your worth and they know that you are destined to be great and they don’t want to see you make it, so they try to intimate, criticize and hate you very existence. I think they are afraid of who or what you might become. I’ve been a victim so many times I just see it as motivation to push harder nowadays. Like I said ” What don’t kill Cookie,only makes Cookie stronger”.

Why “JUICY” and what should fans expect?
Wow! the name of the song says it all…lol The track is extremely “juicy”. We decided to give the fans something to dance to this time around and believe me when I say this song will have you dancing non-stop. The beat itself is “crazy” and the lyrics and word-play gives the song a unique taste…….

What message do you have for your fans?
To all my fans, I just wanna say I love y’all big time.The love, support, and positive energy I get from y’all is what keeps me going. God first. And I promise to keep making you proud always.. I just urge you to keep believing and supporting Liberian music because “united we stand divided we fall”.