Rapper Nuchie Meek Flown To Ghana For Treatment

Liberian rapper Nuchie Meek is currently in Ghana seeking medical treatment.

The “This Is Liberia” hitmaker has spoken for the first time after he was flown to Ghana for emergency treatment.

The artiste who hasn’t been well for some time now was forced to cancel his ‘Still Breathing’ LIB Counties Tour to receive proper treatment in Ghana.

In a long post earlier on Wednesday morning on Facebook, the New-Georgia based rapper addressed some rumors spreading in the country that he was poison and been seduced by Bilikon CEO Lyee Bility.

Nuchie then came up and strongly addressed the rumors been spread as false and that his contributions are still needed and that he’s very conscious about the allegation been made against him.

MusicLiberia.com Ghana’s correspondent Akesse Sanza is expected to update Liberian’s on the rapper’s medical tourism in Ghana.

The cause of sickness is still unknown and we all at MusicLiberia.com wish him a speedy recovery.

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