Like many other industries, the Liberian music industry and artists have been severely affected by the COVID 19 pandemic.

Since piracy hit the Liberian music scene, Liberian artists have looked to live shows as the main source of income.

Unfortunately, live shows are linked to large audiences. So when the outbreak began in Liberia and large gatherings were banned, the music industry was one of the most affected industries.

This ban literally cut out the major source of income for Liberian musicians.

Although this has given rise to virtual concerts, the income earned from them can not be compared to that earned during live shows.

Some of the key reasons are:

*Believing in hand to mouth kind of lifestyle.

*Putting all eggs in one basket: for example depending entirely on live shows for income.

*Not living within their means: Many artists like to portray a lavish lifestyle instead of saving and investing.

*Politically inclined income: Many Liberian artists have become political tools as a way to earn money.

*Self Isolation and poor networking

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