Revoluxon Rocky
Revoluxon Rocky


The Liberian music industry is so precarious and prickly that I can only liken it to the periphery of a cliff. When musicians get to the top, they rest at the edge of a shaky overhang; where by any slight mistake will see them fall off with a bang, into bottom rock oblivion.

The same happened to talented rapper Revoluxon Rocky.

When I first listened to “I Vex” which featured Christoph, I was amazed by how endowed Revoluxon was! His vocals were amazing; his style was unique!

The whole of Liberia seemed to have been swept by the saccharine inundation that Revoluxon’s talent was. His music conquered air waves. Revo, as he is usually called by music lovers, was then a necessity on the menu of every concert that took place in this dusty city of ours!


The tale of Revoluxon Rocky was that of a talented musician who had with as much “ease”, made it to the top of an industry; where some retire when they are still upcoming musicians. Little did any of us know that he was going to disappear with as much ease as he had appeared!

The “Like That” hitmaker will need a miracle to reclaim his place at the top of the Liberian music industry. I’m one of his fans and wish he could recover, but I know it is going to be hard; harder than it took Moses to split the waters of the Red Sea to create way for the escaping children of Israel!

The onus is on Revoluxon Rocky to prove me wrong. The day he does, I’ll write another article to swallow my words; But until then, I stand my ground and insist that 2018 TunesLiberia Trapco Artist of the Year will need a miracle to breathe life into his music career.


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