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Rickslyn Myers Takes her Frustrations out after accused of being ‘Gay’.

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Monrovia — After most of the public accused her of being gay, on air radio entertainer at Spoon Fm, Rickslyn Myers takes her frustrations out through several posts by clarifying she is not a friend of Dorothy or homosexual. 

The former Prime FM entertainer wrote on her Facebook page that members of the public was disrespectful to her and her best friend. She said that her relationship with Suma alias Liberian Susu was way more than a sexual relationship could be. 

“Y’all are really disrespectful to my best friend and I! Our relationship is way more than what a sexual relationship could be.” Rickslyn began. 

She also said what she posted was literally out of her body and Suma is someone that keeps her body sane.

“That’s literally me outside of my body! Somebody who keeps me sane! Somebody I love with my whole life and somebody who’d literally protect me if there ever was a situation that I couldn’t protect myself from! Y’all really must be out here sleeping with everybody to be that bold!” The on-air entertainer added. 

She further broached that how people think of her as a person is how they are as a person and rhetorically questioned who literally sleeps with their best friend. 

“Cause how you think about other people is how you are as a person! Who tf sleeps with their best friends? I wouldn’t even flick if I was in those pictures with a random girl and being labeled gay! Cause that’s really up to y’all to speculate! But that’s my best friend for fucks sake! The disrespect! 🤦🏽‍♀️” She wrote. 

Once again she maintained that her stand on allowing homosexuals live as they want and please are still the same and absolutely, there will never be a change. 

“My stands on letting homosexuals live as they want and please is still the same tho! Never will change! We must protect everybody across the board! Cuss me however you want over this decision. But really, don’t ever fucking disrespect the relationship that took me years to build! Suma is my best friend!” Rickslyn clarified. 

Yesterday the above mentioned icon shared debatable photos on both her Facebook and Instagram accounts clutching the breast and ass of her best friend, Liberia Susu

There have since been numerous of controversies and homophobic remarks on social media surrounding the photos. 

And Rickslyn Myers have robustly vented her anger through her upper speech and several other posts on social media clearing the air that she and her best friend Liberian Susu are not lesbos. 

What are your thoughts? 

Written By: Thomas Williams Fomba

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