Scott Lloyd is the chief executive officer of LTA whose Wikipedia is yet to be found. Here are some details about Scott, from his wife to his net worth. 

Scott Lloyd is the CEO of Lawn Tennis Association.

He was appointed as the CEO back in 2018, but he was already a well-established person as a director.

In 1997, he founded Next Generation Clubs to promote and rebrand outstanding, large-scale, family-oriented sports and recreation centers.

In 2006, he pushed for the sale of the UK firm to London and Regional Properties for over £200 million, and he stayed on as CEO.

He has established and made many different firms and has helped many of them to regain their control over the market.

LTA: Scott Lloyd Tennis Wikipedia Explored

Many might not know Scott Lloyd, as not many are rewarded with their own Wikipedia page.

But Scott Lloyd is a famous personality in the business world and a well-established CEO.

He does have his own LinkedIn profile, revealing a lot of details about his professional ethics.

Scott Lloyd has completed his education from the University of Bristol in a Bachelor of Science, Economics, and Accountancy.

His schooling was at King’s College School, Wimbledon, and he graduate from there back in 1993.

Who Is Scott Lloyd Wife? Details On His Ethnicity & Family

The name of Scott Lloyd’s wife is yet to be revealed.


For the time being, he has kept his personal life information hidden from the media.

Scott is never seen interacting with the media and public, as he is too busy with his own work to do that.

Talking about his ethnicity and family details, it is hard to find any of them.

Looking at his education, it seems that he is a British national, and has lived in Britain for most of his life.

What Is Scott Lloyd Age?

Scott Lloyd’s age is expected to be around 40-50 years old.

Scott graduates from his university in the year 1996, which indicates that he has been working for almost 25 years now.

So, we could say that he is old enough to be in his 40s as the CEO of LTA.

Scott has kept most of his personal details out of the media, so it is quite hard to know more about Scott.

Scott Lloyd Salary-What Is His Net Worth?

Scott’s salary as a CEO is expected to be around $1 million to $5million.

He is not only the CEO of LTA, instead, but Scott is also part of many other organizations.

He has his earnings from many different companies, and as a businessman, he is also a shareholder of many other.

So, we could say that he is definitely a millionaire, but as of now, his exact net worth is still yet to be surfaced over the internet.


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