Every musician’s greatest task is Promotion. No matter how good a music is, if it’s not well promoted, it will just make a ‘flash’ in the system and no one would hear of it.

Today, most of these promotions are done online and music download websites play a major role in promoting latest releases.

In this blog post, I would be sharing with you some tips to note when sending your songs to a website for publication.

Don’t WhatsApp

Like many other online promoters, I don’t go through the stress of sending a song from WhatsApp to my PC to be uploaded on the website. Aside the cost of these processes, the song is likely to lose some features including its tags.

It’s always advisable to send songs by email.

Neatly Label Song and Artwork

Most at times, especially underground musicians, send songs with different titles stated in the email and on the artwork. Sometimes they even have a different version of the name in the song’s tags. We get confused when we receive such and we are forced to publish it anyhow or to delete it.

Clearly indicate name of artiste and any other artistes that are featured on the song. The title, name of producers should be clearly indicated.

Rename the file name of your song to the name of artistes, song title and producer. Example: Bucky Raw feat Tieah Boy – Amen Prod by Lil Jay. Rename the artwork same. If you send your songs from whatsapp or elsewhere other than email, it reaches us with a file name like AUD24595650000222. When we upload the song, your fans will not see names of artiste but rather these funny numbers.


Catchy Artwork

The artwork makes a first impression and music lovers are prompted to download songs if artworks are catchy. Likewise, owners of websites treat songs with nice artworks exceptional and place them on the homepage of their websites to add to its beauty.

To me personally, some artworks put me off and doesn’t make me feel like spending data bundles to download them. It speaks a lot and as such musicians should accompany their songs with nice and creative artworks.

Add Article

You may be the biggest musician in your country, county or neighborhood but bear in mind that operators of the website might not know you or might not be a fan. This makes it difficult for them to write an article to post along with your song. Your publicist should put up an article and include it in the email when sending the song to the websites.

Most websites do come up with their own articles if it’s a paid promotion.


Usually when you send your songs to these digital platforms, you’ve permitted only the firm doing the digital distribution to sell your works. So it becomes illegal for any other website to publish your song. So avoid sending songs that are for sale for free downloads unless the kind of license granted to the digital distribution company permits so.

Advertisers are usually alerted by these companies and webmasters are prompted to delete the songs. It is also advisable to be sending links to these platforms instead of the songs if you intend selling them.

By Akesse Sanza. Click HERE to Follow me on Facebook


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