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Afro Pop singer Jaredo got into a heated one sided exchange with Trapco Rapper Bucky Raw, after the rapper posted a tweet implying Awards are worthless in Liberia entertainment industry. Jaredo was quick to respond to Bucky’s tweet which we believe was taken out of context.



Bucky Raw wrote: “If you win an award in Liberia Industry, your price stays the same. If you even had one to begin with. Grammy thought”. Although the trapco Icon made a clear reference to the Grammy’s, it did not stop the up and coming musician, who is signed to SOG records to clap back. Jaredo replied to Bucky Raw’s Tweet: “Fakers everywhere in the Liberian music industry, they pretend not to have interest in winning awards but envy you for winning what they desire deeply down their hearts”. Jaredo did not stop there, he mentioned Bucky Raw manager walking out of an award ceremony when his Label mate CIC won Artist of the year 2018 at the MTN Liberia music awards 2018.

Bucky Raw did not respond to Jaredo, instead he released a statement clarifying his tweet.

Was Bucky Raw’s Tweet inaccurate? NO!

Although Grammy winners do not receive a cheque for winning, Entertainers can expect an increase in concert ticket sales and booking fees by 55% following a Grammy win. Also Grammy goodie bags are valued at $50,000 each. Bucky Raw is not wrong for bringing this issue to light, however considering the state of Liberia music industry, the Musician Union will have to put mechanism in place to make certain that entertainers are greatly rewarded for their work. This should reflect in other areas of their Career, for example booking fee.

Bucky Raw may not have won Artist of the year at the LMA; however he is one of the few musicians with a loyal fan base willing to put their money where their mouth is. Bucky Raw can boast of selling records which matters in the music industry. The success of Bucky’s CS2 album is a game changer. The Album topped the chart on ITunes and Billboard, which is major for an African Artist. CIC Album ‘1994’ on the other hand was released on Valentine’s Day. It is yet to be trending online. As we await the numbers from its digital sales, it is fair to conclude, Bucky Raw has a considerable amount of fans in the diaspora and in Liberia who support his music even when he is seen as the ‘black sheep’ in the industry.

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