Celebrities have been in the news this year for fighting online, shading themselves and straight up beefs. These famous people entertained us on social media with so much drama.

We take a look at some of the events that shocked and amused many.

1. DenG Sexual Harassment and Assault Allegations

This has to be the hottest tea that was served to us in early 2019; so hot that the story was trending for weeks and even up till now, there’s still more stories coming up.

Liberian Afro-pop artiste DenG landed a huge blow to his music career after several top female personalities within the music industry accused him of sexually harassing them.

This however appears not to have bothered him. He continues to live his life the best way he knows how and has been nominated for both the TunesLiberia Music Awards and Liberian Entertainment Awards.

2. Rapper Bucky Raw and Christoph The Change beef

When will the beef between Liberia’s biggest stars stop? 2018 ended on a rather stomach ending note for both stars, but by early 2019, things got pretty serious. Christoph took a jab at Bucky Raw, after rumors had it that the Hipco artiste masterminded Chiller Coolnanee diss song “Sweet For U” to Trapco artiste Bucky Raw.

Bucky Raw then went ahead to announce the release of two different diss songs, throwing shots at both Chiller Coolnanee and Christoph The Change. But the artiste later decided not to release the songs. However, both songs managed to surface online and fans where so eager to listen to both “Warning Shot” and “Open Casket” with the latter even becoming a hit song.

Christoph, however didn’t hesitate, but when on to release two diss songs directly throwing shots to the entire CSE Team and their associates. Bucky Raw and Christoph The Change will most likely never be friends, well, anything can happen.


3. TV Presenter Hannah Saah and artiste Da Vero feud

After a glamorous Concert, no one would have thought that these two would be caught up in a serious dispute. Things deteriorated when TV Presenter Hannah Saah published a story of the artiste being naked in a photo, and the internet won’t forget about that photo in a hurry.

They just couldn’t get off social media as they both washed their dirty linens publicly. Both personalities  later settled their dispute and were both caught taking photos together at the MTN Liberia Music Awards.

4. Kizzy W and DenG

The feud between Kizzy W and DenG didn’t start in 2019 but it grew bigger this year and widened this year.

DenG was among those artists who were to be featured on Master Queen “Christmas Song” in what appears to be a beautiful festival season appeared to be quite confusing rift because it felt like DenG had issues with both producers on the song.

It was more like a social media fight as they kept on insulting and exchanging words to the surprise of their fans. Just like any fight, they had their moments.

5. Kobazzie dumped by Leyla for Christoph

It all started with the rumour that singer Kobazzie had a relationship with Leyla Raoul, CEO of Leyla’s Entertainment. They flaunted each other on social media and we were happy for Kobazzie until one day we heard that Leyla didn’t believe, as she came out to confirm the rumors that have been spreading round indicating that Kobazzie don’t have an artist look, she would rather take Kobazzie to be her little brother.

However, it was later confirmed that Christoph The Change did propose to Leyla, and she accepted his proposal.

Going by the things that happened in the entertainment scene this year, 2019 promises to be even more interesting.


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