Supporters of Telia Urey react to Hipco artiste Christoph viral video

Hipco artiste Christoph The Change, has recently been more focused on party politics and trying to get his favourite aspirant elected as representative of his district.

The rapper had become a topic of discussion on social media after he insulted District #15 Representative Aspirant, Telia Urey in a video that was shared on social media.

Numerous supporters of Telia Urey shared their opinions about the artiste, with some support calling him a drug addict and a gay.

On Tuesday, July 16, a viral video were seen online where Liberian musician Christoph The Change had taken to social media to insult Telia Urey, the elder sister of the hipco rapper Ex Girlfriend, Benita Urey.

Christoph in the video reacted to the statement that they called him gay, but he already have s*x with all of them, and also describes Telia Urey as a b*tch ass. He also threatened the aspirant saying that she will never win the election in the district.

Meanwhile, numerous of Telia Urey supporters have expressed disappointment at the way the top musician reacted to the viral video share on social media.

See reactions below:

The consequences of limitations & drugs addiction affecting this dude here. Why go down low if even you are against? Let respect our ladies no matter what.

You expect the indomitable Team of Telia Urey to give this dirty gay credence? He’s a complete distraction. Let Christiana go to his mate Abu Bana Kamara Sr.

Chris is a Gay ,so u will not expect him to support TU because his  Gay partner is in the race 😂 🤣 🤣

What do u expect? A gay supports a gay christine n Abuna.

The weed making this dude confused 😀😀😀

Go and Support your Mate Abu, Christiana.

I’m highly disappointed in him

Go and face ur friend men, and stop insulting, that’s  being very rude of you my dear

Such a shame. No respect. I guess he talks to his mom like that 🤦🏾‍♀️

You lost relevant already and looking for attention so shout the fuck up and campaign

What a shame….who cares about a hopojo gay rapper😂😂😂😂😂😂

Christoph, that is so wrong! Focus on music and leave politics!!!🤦🏾‍♂️

But gay who asked you for your opinion? Have you joined politics now? You lost your little respect bro.

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