Legendary American musician and actor, Steven Tallarico, popularly known as Steven Tyler is famous as the lead singer of the American rock band, Aerosmith. The band which is on record as the first American music group to combine genres has remained active since after its inception in 1970. Steven Tyler, however, is not just popular for being a singer and media personality, but also because of his eccentric idiosyncrasies, especially in terms of appearance. Tyler has also garnered much media attention due to his numerous romantic affairs – a characteristic of most rock stars of which Teresa Barrick forms a significant part of. Despite having ended her relationship with Tyler, Barrick remains a subject of media interest; and that’s why we bring you all the facts you need to know about her.

Who Is Teresa Barrick, Steven Tyler’s Ex-wife?

Teresa Barrick is a Caucasian American clothing and fashion designer. She is, however, best known as the wife, and subsequently ex-wife of Steven Tyler.

Meanwhile, Barrick came into the world on the 21st of March, 1960 in the United States. She also grew up in the U.S where she must have attained a level of education, although not available to the media. On finishing her schooling, Teresa ventured into clothes designing. It was in the course of her business that she came across the Aerosmith rock band, and in turn, met Steven Tyler.

Teresa Barrick’s Marital Life with Steven Tyler

While Teresa Barrick worked for Aerosmith, she one day met Steven Tyler, precisely in 1982 in the band’s recording studio. In addition to clothing designing, Teresa also had a keen interest in music. This common interest caused her to easily get along with Steven. The duo thus became friends and started dating.

Teresa and Steve dated for quite a long time, spanning about six years as they only tied the knot in 1988. Their wedding took place on the 28th of May, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Barrick and Tyler’s marriage produced two children – a daughter and a son. The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Chelsea Anna Tallarico on 6th March 1989. Their second child, a son named Taj Monroe Tallarico later arrived on 31st January 1991.

Things, however, gradually started going soar in Barrick’s marital life with Tyler, leading to their eventual separation in 2005. The estranged couple subsequently got a divorce the following year; January 2006.


6 Facts About the Clothing Designer

1. Teresa is Steven’s second wife/ex-wife

As earlier hinted, Steven Tyler has had numerous romantic affairs, some of which led to marriages. Teresa Barrick is therefore not the first woman he tied the knot with. Prior to his marriage to Teresa, Steven married American model/actress, Cyrinda Foxe in 1978. With Foxe, Tyler had a daughter, Mia Tyler who is now an actress. The duo eventually divorced in 1987 after which Steven married Teresa whom he had already started dating while still married to Cyrinda.

The same year he completed divorce with Teresa, Steven started dating Erin Brady, an American TV host. In December 2011, the duo got engaged but never took their relationship to the next level as they later annulled their engagement in January 2013. After calling it quits with Brady, Steven Tyler started dating his personal assistant, Aimee Preston Schachter from 2014.

Among other notable affairs, Teresa Barrick’s ex-husband had is the one with an underage groupie, Julia Holcomb in 1975 which resulted in an abortion. After Julia, Steven also had a fling with American model, Bebe Buell. The short-lived affair produced a daughter named Liv Tyler in 1977.

2. She has remained single

After parting ways with Steven Tyler, Teresa Barrick never remarried. She has also not engaged in any relationship that the public is aware of.

3. Her worth is nothing next to her ex-husband’s

In as much as we believe that Teresa Barrick has earned decent amounts in her clothing designing business, her personal wealth is nothing to that of Steven Tyler who boasts a whopping $130 million! Be that as it may, the clothing designer must have received a significant sum from the rock star’s impressive wealth in the form of a divorce settlement.

4. The reason behind divorce busted

Although Teresa Barrick and her ex-husband, Steven Tyler cited personal differences as the reason behind their separation, it later came to the media attention that Barrick had an extramarital affair, causing Tyler to file for a divorce. The reports had it that she was spotted in an intimate demeanor with their family contractor whom they employed to revamp their home in Boston.

5. Teresa is a twin

Barrick was actually born a twin. She has a twin sister named Lisa Barrick. Teresa was reportedly with Lisa the day she met Steven Tyler at the Aerosmith recording studio.

6. Death rumors – where is she now?

Owing to her complete disappearance from media view, rumors started filtering that Teresa Barrick had kicked the bucket. Some of the tales had it that she died in an auto crash. However, all the stories turned out to be hoaxes as the fashion designer is still very much alive. She’s only living a low key life, away from media coverage. Reports also reveal that Teresa is no longer active in her fashion designing business but is rather living as a homemaker.


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