The purpose of this research work was to determine the application of accounting principles in insurance companies. The limitations that prevent their proper application and whether insurance accounts are in conformity with the generally accepted accounting principles. Data were collected from respondents mainly accountant and managers from different insurance companies in Onitsha through personal interview.However, the outcomes showed that the accounting principles adopted by insurance companies and the same from the ideal principles. Although there are some branches of insurance companies that do not have a branch accountant, these branch will only forward their cash book to head office account.Some insurance companies suggested recommendations on home accounting problems encountered. It is the researchers believe that if the recommendation given in chapter three of this study where actually followed, the will help in promoting the insurance business in Nigeria.

TABLE OF CONTENTTitle Page                                iiApproval Page                            iii    Dedication                                ivAcknowledgement                            vAbstract                                 viiTable Of Contents                            viii    


I.    Chapter OneIntroduction    11.1    Background Of Study                    11.2    Statement Of Problem                    41.3    Objectives Of The Study                    51.4    Scope Of Study                        61.5    Limitation Of Study                    61.6    Definition Of Terms                    7

II.    Chapter Two2.0    Literature Review                        92.1    Accounting Aspect                        92.2    Accounting Principles                     102.3    Insurance Aspect                        122.4    Summary Of Related Literatures             13

Chapter Three 3.1    Summary                            143.2    Findings                            153.3    Recommendation                        16Reference                            18


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