Celebrity rivalries are as much part of every entertainment industry around the world, and Lollywood and the Liberian Entertainment Industry are of no exceptions.

The most heated feud between Benita and Starpower intensified a night or two ago when Cece was tagged by a fan under the Influence blog.

Benita and Michelle got into it sometime in June of 2019 over a segregation of ‘godpa’ hullabaloo which led Benita furious and could have no longer held her peace.

Then of course, there was this agile feud of bloodshot between Karishma and Master Queen, and Mc Caro and Queen V. Sheikh and Benita, and even famous blogging personalities, Benita and Cece.

Whether it’s for material items, backstabbing, man-stealing, or social-media hating, some of the squabbles between these Liberian entertainers have been hugely explosive and public.

Here’s a look at few of the most heated geez you’ve probably been wandering the internet for at the end of this year:

Former best friends Michelle and Benita exploded the internet when they both combined in April of 2018 to open one of Liberia’s online blogs, Liberian Influence. But at the height of 2019, the two famous personalities were at the heat of war due to indifference over a split of an old fellow as reported by Trending Liberia September of 2019.

“It’s no big secret that Mich and Ben are no longer friends,”one of our sources began during a short interview on the phone. “Michelle and Ben were friends but went at local heads with each other due to godpa and indifference,” our source simply ended.

According to Benita, she explained that Michelle had lied on her aunty’s name and that they both stayed in an apartment which they used enough money from her spacer boyfriend.

Benita clarified that Michelle begged here and there and when they had finally hit the nail right on its head, they both were ready to eat.

Nevertheless, Michelle who she claimed was useless and had moved into another man’s marry home, got glued on the shameless old fellow and her family never wanted to be bothered with her.

“You lil girl you lied on your Aunty name so who you can’t lie on? Yes, we stayed in that apartment and we used enough money from la your spacer boyfriend.” She wrote via her Facebook page.

“Why? Cux you wuh begging all around for ticket money to Liberia. When we finally hit a jackpot, we were ready to eat.”

“Buh your useless seh go move into leh people married home and now you hitch on that old shameless man and your family na want be bothered with you,” she colloquially added.

Benita in addition, branded Michelle as “Madame Liar-Secret Courier-King Kong-Miss Sinoe County 2099-Floyd Mayweather-Sugar Baby-Michelle Doe” and coaxed that she’s a lair and can circled geez like one disgruntled person.

“La why I gave you the Madame Liar-Secret Courier-King Kong-Miss Sinoe County 2099-Floyd Mayweather-Sugar Baby-Michelle Doe name for, cuz you can lie and spread geez just like one disgruntled person.” She concluded.

While at the other hand, Michelle clapped-back at Benita’s father rather than the core of the subject itself. She however, indicated that it was similar role that Mr. Urey learnt to play to settle Benita’s family problems at home.

She stressed that since February at the time, Benita wafted ‘talk-shyte’ from one individual to another and had been on drugs.

Thus adding that Benita have yearned to have her best friend, Arthur in her arms.

“Isn’t it the same godpa role your dad was playing before you say your parents wanted a divorce? Benoni Urey himself la Godpa so let’s learn to settle the problems from home,” she asserted on her Facebook page and continued.

“Since February, you been talking shit from one person to the other you drugs addict you.”

“But mainly la wor Arthur my parlor best friend that you say you wanted? You can’t want him without dragging me for him?” Michelle reminded Benita.

She stated that it was the same magnitude of apartment that Benita once upon the time lived in and probed that she (Benita) would rather insult someone who in time past give her money to have bought the same stiff weave she abused her for.

“You will cuss someone who apartment you used to live in and someone who used to GIVE YOU MONEY TO BUY LEY SAME STIFF WEAVE?” Sheikh’s wife additionally remarked in simple English.

Further alleging, that Benita would rather have gone really hard on her, when she (Benita) wasn’t even a real Urey.

“Going so hard for the Ureys when you na even a real Urey?”

“Your own sisters them you na open all their business to me but la you want come on facebook and cry?” She finalized.

It’s known that immediately after Michelle had additionally extended the family’s name of Benita in her beef, she was instantly blocked from the social media influencer Facebook page and departed the Liberian Influence.

Perhaps, you’ve been wondering what actually started the feuds between these two queens? Well, let’s munch on the cookies here.

Karishma sees Master Queen as her top competitor and Master Queen too, sees Karishma as one.

Truth be told, they both hate one another and this is only a natural tendency within the conflict theory of sociology where there are usually continuous struggles between two or more opposing parties or survival of the fittest in the global world.

In October 14 of this year, the beef between the two entertainers expanded when Karishma took to her official Facebook page to clarify how a social entertainer should conduct herself.

Karishma De Queen beefed that singing and acting like Diva on social media wasn’t all the icing on the cake in the industry and it takes more than service to the people for Master Queen to act accordingly.

“Being the Queen is not all about singing, and being a diva is not all about singing. It has much to do with your service to people. And your social contributions to your community and your civic contributions as well!” Karishma wrote on her Facebook.

However, Master Queen fired in the throat of the radio entertainer six minutes after insisting that she (Karishma) is a copy cat and that, she doesn’t see her or anyone else for that matter as competitor in the industry.


“Copy anything I do and still see me as a competitor, oooh Honey… You my_________???!“, Master Queen teased via her Twitter handle with hotshot emojis.

Fans and followers of Karishma have argued that she is more of an humanitarian than Master Queen, while Master Queen fans claimed that she is more of a shadow who have transparently imitated the fashionable lifestyle of the radio entertainer.

Whatever the final arguments might be, there are always hassles between the two radio entertainers and this even make our entertainment industry more spicy and cheesy.

Benita Urey and Sheikh rose to fame using their respective blogs. Two great contributors to our musical industry! No matter how you attempt to spell it out differently, it remains as constant as the northern star.

It’s established that the two were true friends who turned bitter enemies over a long period of time. Alright, I’m exaggerating, but let’s put it blunt, it had not been really that long — maybe, not that long, really.

The two had even supported and attended “Celebpreneur” organized by Diamond Online a year or two ago, but later on became fierce rivals when Sheikh had made a post concerning Benita’s father using his blog.

“Actually, Sheikh is a great fellow.” James who is an anonymous source disclosed to us during a phone interview. “They were actually cool, even talked on the phone and shared stories with each other until he rudely posted about Benita’s father.” Our source in soft chuckles added.

Sometime back in January of 2019, the Liberian Influence blog had posted a story on its blog that the CEO of Diamond Online who they claimed managed Christoph the Change, informed the general public that the artist was to do his first international collaboration and they could see StoneBwoy in the video.

“According to Christoph The Change’s manager and CEO of Diamond Online, Mr. Sheikh Mohammed, CTC has his first international collaboration on its way.”

“From videos posted by the stars manager, we could see Christoph in the studio with StoneBwoy, telling his fans that yesterday was his lucky day, because he was in studio with a talented and well known Ghanian Artist.” An influence blogger wrote on their Facebook and Twitter handles.

Shortly after, Sheikh fired vigorously at the Influence blogtagging the name of Benita Urey:

“We didn’t tell your platform that Sheikh Mohammed is managing Christoph. Thus cheap propaganda might damage the image of your platform”. Sheikh crystal clearly wrote.

“Better know how you crave your niche as a so-called blogger!”

“Stop doing things to sabotage this young man career. He’s your Ex. Get over Him!” Sheikh concluded.

There have been series of war between the two bloggers, and the most recent one can be attributed to Johnetta Manigan’s and Dej Lopez’s story involving Christoph the Change, which can be linked on our platform,

Undeniably, these two have had fair shares of their possessions of hate undercover, but surfaced on the internet through very tense retorts between the two entertainers — over a Facebook post suggesting what should’ve been one of the rules of reality show, Big Brabee Liberia.

On September 28, 2020 — Mc Caro and Queen V had different versions of the rules pertinent to Brabee’s show and this sparked silly commotions between the two artists.

“Apparently, you don’t read with comprehension. I said the first rule.” Queen V wrote on Facebook while replying to Mc Caro’s comments. “I’f you can define what a rule is, then you can go and continue arguing with your mates.” Queen V added.

While Mc Caro fired back in the comments section alleging that Queen V didn’t know how to spell ‘if’, even though she (herself) erred while further emphasizing the dirty ink in Queen V pen.

“Apparently, you don’t know how to spell ‘if’ sis.” The Liberian Music Awards’ artist of the year corrected. “You right, cus my mates know how. Now you have urself spelling ‘if’ the wrong way day mamie.” Mc Caro clarified erringly.

The two continued with their rivalry in the replies section with Mc Caro later throwing couples of swats on her Twitter handle that Queen V had hated her since the very first day she aroused to fame in the musical industry and killed her ‘weak’ game.

Ready? Let’s go! Evidently, Benita just don’t have feuds with one or two persons in the industry, she has them with even four or more personalities and Cece just happens to be one of them, even of recent when Cece was tagged under the Influence blog fortnights ago.

Her rivalry started with Starpower by the time Christoph’s mother died after they had broken up.

It is alleged that Cece called on Benita Urey to have halted the go fund me account she opened for Christoph’s mother out of chicanery, but suddenly, got blocked by Benita on social media after she threatened to have gone live against Benita with regard to the shenanigan or hypocrisy in her.

“Hipco-fly and I were cool until she posted a go-fund me out of big show when Christoph’s mother had just passed away.” Starpower explained to one of our reporters while in conversation on the phone.

“Then I commented saying: of all times do you have to post this now?” She asked rhetorically.

“The very moment I made that comment, I got blocked by her on Facebook and she went in my boyfriend inbox crying.” Cece ended.

Who else do you think should’ve been added to the lists? Tell us in the comments and what you think on these beefs?

Written By: Thomas Williams Fomba


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