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The Rise And Fall Of Floyd’s Nation

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They sounded like nothing Liberian had ever heard before! With polished lyrics that masterfully married English language with our native tongues, finely textured voices seamlessly layered over sparkling instrumentals and powerful emotions that resonated through their music.

Like that thief that creeps up on an unsuspecting victim in the middle of the night, T- Floyd and his boys suddenly ganged up on us and out of nowhere, a new music group, “Floyd’s Nation,” became the nation’s finest.

This was arguably Liberia’s most flamboyant musical group and had T- Floyd steering the ship as its captain. Prominent members of the group include Revoluxon, Pious, Sammi Caine and D’ Ameko, with CharlieGold as head producer.

Floyd’s Nation was formed in 2016. The project released under the record label featured songs like “I Vex” “I Don’t Wanna Lie” “Loose It” “Flashy” “P.E Teacher” “Slow Wind Riddim” “No Hook” “All Night” “Fries” “Bad Girl.” The group released “The Last Don” album, produced by CharlieGold. The album featured songs like “The Girl Is Mine” “King Kong” ” Tolbert Doe” “On The Regular” “Leh Wo.” They went down as one of Liberia’s most successful musical groups and the reasons were glaring.

There was a stage in their musical progression that fans foresaw them dominating the music scene for decades but this melodious projection was cut short when the group fell apart and its members pursued their own careers. Revoluxon sustained the release of hit singles long enough to enjoy an extended spell of fame and fortune before his sudden exit from the music group, to join Kizzy W, and his then SNG Record.

Sammi Caine released quite a number of singles but his efforts weren’t enough to hold the interest of Liberian music fans and it didn’t come as a surprise when he took a bow and left via the back door. For T- Floyd, the story is different as he had surpassed all possible expectations with a profile move to BeeVonne Record, where sensational artiste J- Slught, is currently signed onto. D’Ameko went on to join an American based label called Phoenix Heaven Entertainment. Pious, on his part also released tracks titled “Careful” and “Aminata” featuring DenG, but was short of being a hit.

The success of this group is rivaled only by the shocking break up it suffered; a break up that many will never fully recover from. Till date, the break up remains a topical subject of debate. This was the group that also produced artistes like Dr. Base and Will B. However, they all moved on with their respective careers while the other members of the unit; all budding acts scattered into the industry’s like a bunch of dove’s feathers.