The Rise & Downfall Of Rapper Christoph The Change

Today, we take a deep look at some reasons why Liberian rapper Christoph The Change aka ‘Musical George Weah’ is slowly vanishing off the music scene.

Not so many people still talk about Christoph, even those that he used to give free money in clubs and at his home. When we tried to ask girls that used to party with him, they blasted

Some years back, Liberian rapper Christoph, was selling like a plate filled with jollof, served with cold beer in the Liberian Music Industry. All upcoming artistes wanted to do a collaboration with him especially Montserrado based artists who thought that, it was then the only way they would get fans from the country and the diaspora played or listened to their songs.

The public loved his music; his fellow artists begun admiring his bars and trust him on collaborations. Christoph made some good money and moved around places around Liberia. I swear, getting Christoph to perform on a concert or event was a hustle. His schedule was so tight and so he always chose where to perform.

Even some media houses would send talk time to his closet friends by then just to have him for an interview via phone. It would take some good and trusted blogger, radio presenters, to reach him. Getting an interview with Christoph was every radio presenter’s dream. His fanbase was growing strong and when he held his events, they sold out. Girls were obsessed with Christoph’s fame too.

The Beginning of Christoph’s Downfall:

Christoph has not produced quality music in a long time. He was nominated in MLMA Awards, and lost the ‘Hipco Artist Of The Year’ to musician Pascal. However, he has slowly lost his popularity. Today, we take a deep look at some reasons why Christoph slowly vanished off the music scene like candle when LEC is off.

A manager and an artiste have to agree on common goals. There are very few things more frustrating than to hear “To Be Famous” when a music business professional asks an artist for goals.

That’s a wrong answer. That’s not a real business aspiration that’s an inevitable side effect of being incredibly successful and known for your talent, but not the ultimate end to goal that anyone working with you desires to hear.

A manager wants you to have a tangible goal in mind, like “sell out my tour” or “have my record go platinum, ” not a vain, response that signals that you’re working towards something that would be destined for nothing more than a fleeting moment of controversy on blogs. Furthermore, that’s not what any manager wants on their resume, let alone having their professional name attached to it. Christoph inability to find a perfect manager for his career, also played a major role in destroying it.

Internal fights:
A producer told that when Christoph started gaining fame, he grew horns and tails, so he started disrespecting some of the producers he was working with. He always had verbal fights with most of them, a thing that affected his journey to success musically.

Drugs And Alcohol:
For matter of fact, Christoph was always seen drinking Alcohol. Upto now Christoph would drink on a daily basis from morning to evening only that he no longer has the cash to order for more like before. So how do you expect a rapper, after taking alcohol and drugs to produce top quality music? Friends around him made sure that Christoph had taken enough alcohol or drugs before jumping on stage. This affected Christoph so much especially on the work rate.

Constant Production Of Songs:
Christoph is rumoured to be having so many songs that can last him up to next year without recording any new one. He used to record and write songs each day. In the process, he lost it when it came to releasing music.

His DressCode:
This was not a big reason, but to some point, we had to include it since one of his die-hard fan brought it up. On so many events and concerts, those that know Christoph will tell you that he used to put on the same jeans and sneakers. With the current trend in fashion, an artist can not survive the demise unless they change their wardrobes.

Actually this was supposed to be reason number one, but we chose to bring it last because it was our top most. A few years back when Christoph broke through, he got so many girls that all wanted to taste his bonnie dust. Some succeeded but most of them failed. But there was this one babe that Christoph truly loved. Those that used to be close to Christoph will tell you that, this babe family own a restaurant and she used to inject all her money into Christoph. The rapper and this babe had some misunderstanding and she dump him. And now, here we are, but where is Christoph The Change? When did you last attend a show that featured Christoph?

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