Of late, we have been seeing our favourite celebrities getting endorsement deals to represent certain brands in the country. But what does it take to be a brand influencer or ambassador, and what exactly is expected of such a person? Do they get paid: How are they remunerated or awarded?

From contract to contract and preferences of each brand, the duration of being the ambassador varies. Some companies/brands may engage on activation basis only, whereas others may want to walk a longer path with an ambassador.

The main responsibility of a brand ambassador is to promote the product, attend brand events and participate in activities hosted by the brand. These are standard ambassador responsibilities. Some others may include photoshoots for promotions, and appear in television/mobile videos. The possibilities and creativity are endless.

Each contract is unique, depending on the agreed way of engagement with the ambassador. Other rewarding mechanisms, such as free products, would also come into play.

In order to protect the brand, terms and conditions are put in place to control the behaviour of the ambassador. Terms and conditions also allow for an understanding between the brand and the ambassador in terms of expectations and protection of both.

The use of brand ambassadors can be for various reasons. In the digital era, in which we find ourselves today, brand ambassadorship has grown to become a very popular and impactful means of marketing/advertising. It especially plays a critical role in landing the brand as a relatable and preferred choice, which is where the brand ambassador comes in.

Notable brand ambassadors are J- Slught for the Angler’s, Amb. Karishma for Aqualife and SEGAL, Master Queen for Royal Grand Hotel, CIC for MTN Lonestar cell, Paul Flomo for Winner’s Inc.

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