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The Underrated Genius Webbie Da Bozz

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USA- Based artiste, Webbie Da Bozz has proven his musical dexterity and versatility as well as ever growing hunger for good music that sends listeners on an Euphoric flight. Webbie Da Bozz, is a artiste grounded in various genre of music. He does Afropop/ RnB, he is a songwriter. He is versatile, gifted and just super-talented.

It is a shame that he is one of the last of a dying breed of artiste with a tenacity for choosing good music over the ear aching commercial music that has bastardized our music Industry. However, this burgeoning homo sapien of inestimable talents barely gets the appreciation, attention and commercial success proportionate to the quality and scholarly content of his sounds and especially lyrics and messages.

Webbie Da Bozz, has to his name critically acclaimed singles filled with energetic as well as thought provoking messages that leaves one awe-struck and elated to be blessed with this “Good Time”. He would no doubt be top of the pack among the creme de la creme of Liberian finest Afropop artist.

In lieu of the undeniable quality and verbal excellence from Webbie Da Bozz, one thing is sure, long after all the overrated cacophonous singer whose music are enjoying dislocated massive airplay by our compromised DJ and discordance commercial noise have melted to ecstatic quietude of harmonious good music. Webbie Da Bozz classics will still play on.