The Usual, The Old Timers Or The Fast Risers; Who Would Deliver The First Hit Song Of 2020?

Competition has been healthy in the Liberian music sector in 2019.

The likes of Bucky Raw, Christoph, Teddyride, Da Vero and a couple others, hardly or never dropped the ball.

In view of this, MUSICLIBERIA has decided to engage its readers to help ponder on which artiste would release the first hit song of 2020.

2019 saw DMG duo, Boifatty and Mr. Parbai releasing their first hit song, followed by the their competitive counterparts, Kizzy W, CIC, Casimoney, while the likes of L’Drez, J- Slaught, Stunna and a couple others joined the party a bit late but never disappointed its fans.

It is however, not beyond Bucky Raw, CIC, Da Vero and Christoph to release the first hit of 2020 as past records over the years have shown them leading the race in the Liberian music industry,

Could there there be a little twist to the year 2020?

Bucky Raw

The CSE susperstar is considered the most consistent artiste when its comes to releasing songs and hit tunes.

Since the release of his debut album, the Amen crooner has not lowered his guard, as he has released many singles till date.

Bucky Raw is surely one act to consider in 2020.


Many have compared him to “Messi” in the music industry, at the same time, it is also not beyond him to deliver the first hit song of 2019.

In the previous year (2019), Big Papa which was released went ahead to become a ‘national anthem.’

He was also the trend at the tail end of the year after he was featured on his labelmate L’Drez hit tune, “Mondayma”.


2019 was splendid for the Amplified artiste. From the released of his debut album, the “911” hitmaker looked like snatching the entire year and pocketing it.

However, with the context in view, Stunna, is surely a force to reckon with, the love struck artiste continued pushing on until the year ran out.

Surely, Stunna has the prowess to pull out a bunny from his hat.

Da Vero

Da Vero has been at the eye of controversy since she featured SOG Record artiste, Jaredo on her hit single “Quick Quick”.

That does not change the fact that the artiste has what it takes to set the industry in motion as early as possible.

With hit songs as Quick Quick, the MLMA and TunesLiberia female artiste of the year has proven a force to reckon with as well.

Could she be the industry’s fire works for 2020?

Lets watch out and see.


The industry is never complete without the “Old Timers” who have proven the popular saying ‘the older the wine, the better the taste.’

Takun J, JB D’ General, Nasseman, Shinning Man, and a few others are still very active in this race. There’s no statement that can prove these old timers are out of the game.

Watch them closely.


Its a competitive environment and while some may crash on the way, some others are heading straight for the top spot.

The “fast risers” have shown so much dedication and have also proven they can make it to the top spot.

MC Caro, Boifatty, J- Slaught, L’Drez, Mr. Parbai are all candidates making big statements in the industry.

They are definitely not slowing down as far as the race is concerned.

While we cross our fingers and wait, we want to hear your opinions on who you feel could be that catalyst to 2020. Drop your opinions.

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James Momo is popularly known in showbiz as 'Drizzy'. He is a music critic, writer and pundit on several entertainment shows on radio. James has been writing on Liberian music since 2014.

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