These 5 Pictures Of Deakontee Davies In Bikinis Will Make You Forget About Lockdown

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These 5 pictures of Deakontee Davies in bikinis  will make you forget about lockdown for a bit because the winner of the Most Beautiful Girl In Liberia really shows off her beauty.

No one was prepared for the deadly pandemic Covid-19. No one really is prepared for the quarantine and lockdown across the country. But that said, it doesn’t mean our isolation of quarantine has to be boring.

Thanks to Deakontee Davies, she is here to brighten up our day with these amazing pictures that she shared on her Instagram.

Well, since the lockdown started she has been showing off what her mama gave her through her Instagram page. If she is not dancing to music she is giving us killer poses in her underwear.

We simply can’t get enough of the amazing model and we hope to see more of her photos especially during this quarantine period. Hope these amazing pictures will make you smile and forget about the chaos around us being caused by Covid-19.