This video of KiDi ‘goofing’ with his 4-year-old son will give you chills

• KiDi shared some beautiful moments with his son on social media

• The 4-year-old boy was ‘grooving’ to his father’s Golden Boy album

• KiDi usually flaunts his son on social media

You probably might think it is somewhat impossible for a 4-year-old to be extremely hyperactive but this is not the case of KiDi’s son (Zayne) who was captured ‘vibing’ with his father in a ‘gangstar-like’ manner.

Upon hearing his name in the intro of his father’s new ‘Golden boy’ album, which says ‘Let’s go far away, me and Zayne’, the young boy out of excitement exhibited some mannerisms that left fans in shock.

“Yayyy me and Zayne! You and I are golden boys but daddy I don’t have golden hair,” he screamed coupled with a priceless look.

Reacting to his son’s expression, the afrobeats singer who could not hold back his laughter responded to him saying; “You don’t have a golden hair? Do you want one?”

Scores of Ghanaian celebrities including Deborah Vanessa, Roselyn Ngisah, Reggie Rockstone have described as beautiful and priceless, the “father and son” moments shared by the singer o his Instagram page.

One can recall that the ‘Touch it’ hikmaker who is currently promoting his album was recently in the news for charging what has been described as exorbitant fees as ticket rates for his ‘Live with KiDi’ concert scheduled for July 29, 2021.

Watch the video below

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