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Top 25 Best Quincy B Songs

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Top 25 Best Quincy B Songs


              – By: Robert Saint-Pe


With Quincy B’s sudden death, the Grain Coast Magazine in collaboration with decided to evaluate the ‘Wonda Boy’ discography.

Quincy Luwokollie Burrowes, best known as Quincy B was a Liberian musician and music producer. Quincy was born on April 24, 1996, and died on March 3, 2017 in a car accident.  Though he died at an early age, his golden voice and musical talents put him amongst Liberia’s leading Afro-pop artists, thus leaving him as the brand ambassador of Lonestar Cell MTN telecommunications company, and the marketing face of football club, Barrack Young Controllers.

Quincy talents was recognized by one of Liberia’s top music producer, Infectious Michael.  He was later signed to Heart Beat Records and exploded into the Liberian musical industry with ‘’My Dream’’ a song he featured his musical idol, Scientific. Later in his career, Quincy was signed to ALM Records by his manager, Lewiz McCarthy.

Since his musical explosion, Quincy has has worked on songs like ‘’The Hope Song’’ by Liberian Artists Together for Advancement (LATA), and ‘’Save Liberia’’ by the Liberian All-Stars during the Ebola crisis in 2014. He has also produced hit songs for various Liberian artists such as; Eric Geso – Go Home, Kobazzie – Go Sleep, D’Ameko – Handle Me, Christoph featuring C.I.C – Jay Sabu, etc….

Until his death, Quincy released a whole bunch of great music, some were locked away solos, covers, while some were collaborations, or features uploaded to his Soundcloud account, YouTube and We decided to create an original top 25 list of songs to compensate for all the content he’s released over the past years. There have been some truly iconic Quincy B songs recently, so where do you think “Mr. All the Time,” “Olukupay” and “My Pledge (Baby Oh)” will fit in the sprawl? Read on to find out.


  1. ‘’Homeboy Jethro Ft. Quincy B – Prayer Time’’

– This gospel song is Homeboy Jethro first recorded song, and he featured Quincy who not only sang the chorus, but also produced the track.

DOWNLOAD | Homeboy Jethro Feat. Quincy B. – Prayer Time

  1. ‘’HBR – On the Low (Remix)’’ 

This is a classical song about spending money on the low by the Heart Beat Records. It features Quincy B, Young Classic, Feouls, and Homeboy Jethro. On this song, Quincy sings, does the chorus, and produces the track.

DOWNLOAD | Heart Beat Record – On The Low (Remix) 

  1. ‘’Christoph Ft. Quincy B – Too Talking’’

A song for haters, Christoph couldn’t have found a better artist to sing the chorus. This song was recorded right after both artists singed a face marking deal with the football club, Barrack Young Controllers in 2016.

DOWNLOAD | Christoph Feat. Quincy B – Too Talking

  1. ‘’Scientific Ft. Quincy B – Rotate’’

Scientific always enjoyed working with Quincy B, and this award-winning song shows it. On January 9, 2016, Scientific the hip hop guru released a familiar collaboration with Quincy B, but with an unusual sound, dance hall. The video took days of shooting at the prestigious Liberian resort” LIBASSA” located in Marshall, and was directed by Brian K. Ohene. The VEVO video won the 2016 WatsUp TV Africa Music Video Award (WAMVA) for best Afro Pop Video.

DOWNLOAD | Scientific Feat. Quincy B. – Rotate (Prod. By Eminike)

  1. ‘’K-Zee Bigname Ft. Quincy B – Hitch’’

K- Zee’s ‘’Hitch’’ meaning stuck in the Liberian vernacular, is a song in which Quincy B sings the chorus in dialect. The song talks about how the feelings for the girl got him stuck, and that he can’t even walk. This pretty boy had the lyrics to attract the girls.

DOWNLOAD | Kofi Taylor Feat. Quincy B – Eleleh Kpono

  1. ‘’Rise B Ft. Quincy B, JB (SoulFresh) – Lounka Me’’

Though Quincy has a small part played on the song, his verse is very influential and it shows how unique his voice was on every tracked he recorded.


  1. ‘’You Will Stay Long Inside’’

A song produced by Infectious Michael, Quincy sings about not caring about what people say about his girl.


  1. ‘’2switt Ft. Quincy B – I Am Sorry’’

On this 2switt track, Quincy sings about forgiveness while the song is produced by Infectious Michael.


  1. ‘’Tan Tan B Ft. Quincy B – In to Win’’

– A motivational song that can encourages anyone to be their better self, even with all the bad talks discussed life must go on.


  1. ‘’Kobazzie Ft. Quincy On Target’’

‘’On Target’’ is Kobazzie first single and first hit song which he featured Quincy B. This collaboration brought in a good working relationship, and sparked Quincy’s production of Kobazzie two other hit songs: ‘’Ma You Gifted’’, and ‘’Sleep for What’’.


  1. ‘’Mai You, Nyeneh Bounce’’

– On July 7, 2016, Quincy released two of his produced songs together: ‘’Mai You, Nyeneh Bounce’’, and ‘’On the Dance Floor’’. Though both songs are dance hall genres, Mai You, Nyeneh Bounce had a certain distinction as the song cover had him hugging his girlfriend Adoral Kollie, the mother of his first child.

DOWNLOAD | Quincy B. – Mai-you Nyeneh Bounce

  1. ‘’On the Floor’’

–  Though both ‘’Mai You, Nyeneh Bounce’’, and ‘’On the Dance Floor’’ were released together ‘’On the Floor’’ has more dance hall fans, even if most don’t know the title.

DOWNLOAD | Quincy B. – On The Floor

  1. ‘’Scientific Ft. Quincy B – Shawty’’

“Shawty” captures Quincy’s voice at his purest form. A nice cool club banger with some danceable drums, and a ton of African beauty praises. Scientific also at his peak of his powers puts in some incredible rap verse.

DOWNLOAD | Quincy B. Feat. Scientific – Shawty Too Bad {Remix}

  1. ‘’Rawlo Ft. Quincy B, Sweetz & Joel – I Did That’’

A playful but fun freestyle song that shows the beautiful voices of Quincy B and Joel, and rap verses by Sweetz and Rawlo. The track was initially a freestyle, but was later turned into a song. Both Sweetz, and Joel had changed their parts, but Quincy’s original vocal seems like he redid his as well. The track was produced by Rawlo. 


  1. ‘’Put Liberia First’’

A bit like ‘’Check & Balance’’, Quincy tells the story of Liberia through a song, but in this song, he doesn’t only talk about the problems, he tells Liberians to come together to rebuild and solve issues.

DOWNLOAD | Quincy B. – Put Liberia First

  1. ‘’SoulFresh Ft. Quincy B – Friend Indeed’’

From their album ‘’Hostage’’ released in 2015, SouFresh collaboration with Quincy shows Quincy is also better at singing slow, and mellow songs.  This song will float lighter than air in the country for generations to come. Rightfully so: It’s a beautiful, emotional, soothing song.


  1. ‘’DJ Don Ft. Quincy B, Rawlo, Eric Geso & SoulFresh – Don Shigi Monk (Remix)’’

‘’Call me le don, le pekin dem know say, le oldma dem know say, yor jue seh know say, I am the don shigi monk’’ is without a doubt one of the favorite chorus to ever occupy in a hip-co song. DJ Don, Liberia’s DJ Khalid brought artists together to do something like ‘’Hold You Down’’, though the song took another trend, it became an instant classic once people heard it.

DOWNLOAD | DjDon ft. Quincy B_Soulfresh_Rawlo_EricGeso – Don Sheki Monk

  1. ‘’SoulFresh Ft. Quincy B – Yor Grace’’

– Also from their Album ‘’Hostage’’, SoulFresh and Quincy B took us back to the church with this classical gospel song. Quincy melodize voice on ‘Yor Grace’ sings about a sinner losing his way without God’s grace. This track is also amongst SoulFresh top five songs.


  1. ‘’Crazy’’

“Crazy” captures Quincy at one of his best Afro-beat moments. A club banger that followed his second hit song ‘’Tumba Baba’’.

DOWNLOAD | Quincy B. & MC Sao – Crazy

  1. ‘’Check & Balance’’

Quincy’s biggest strength was that he wasn’t afraid of beautiful music. ‘’Check & Balance’’ talks about the ups and downs in Liberia, though it’s different from what he usually did, this song is inspiring.

DOWNLOAD | Quincy B. – Check and Balance

  1. ‘’Olukupay’’

With a lot of people not knowing what it means, “Olukupay” comes with maybe the least single-line Quincy ever wrote, but the beat always keeps people on their feet.

DOWNLOAD | Quincy B -Olukupay

  1. ‘’My Dream Ft. Scientific’’

Most fans don’t know that this was originally Quincy’s song. He was currently working on it when Scientific visited Infectious Michael at Heart Beat Records. When Scientific heard the track, he asked for a collaboration, and the rest became history. My dream was Quincy first released single, and first major hit.


  1. ‘’Tumba Baba’’

– Tumba Baba was the first song to actually take Quincy viral due to its dance hall sound. It tears the house down every time it gets played. Years later, and it will still be thrilling.


  1. ‘’My Pledge (Baby Oh)’’

One of the best things about Quincy was his ability to shift from Afro-beats, to Colloqua, and R&B.

Before his death, speculations of the two stars being in a relationship took over the media after a behind the scene kissing photo leaked from their video shoot. Though it might have been rumors to make it a trending song, “My Pledge” became a great chapter in the Quincy B/Sweetz catalog.

 DOWNLOAD AUDIO | Quincy B & Sweetz – My Pledge (Baby Ho)  

DOWNLOAD VIDEO | Quincy B – Feat. Sweetz – My Pledge (Baby OH) )

  1. ‘’Mr. All the Time’’

Like a lot of Quincy songs, ‘’Mr. All the Time’’ came out of nowhere. One day the Liberians woke up, checked the internet, or turned on their radios and life was never the same.

As the chorus goes ‘’It’s hurting my head bah, eh turning my eye ball’’, Mr. All the Time (Quincy B) used the Ivory Coast–decaler coupe, and the Ivory beats along with words to give his Liberian audience a mixed genre dance hall. This song remains Liberians favorite Quincy B, and though his death left them with a bittersweet feeling, his music will live on.

DOWNLOAD | Mr. All The Time – Quincy B