These famous gospel singers can enthrall audiences and congregations alike with their passionate, heartfelt, and powerful voices. They are the artistes whose songs bring life to the gospel, with soaring emotions.

Song writing, could be pretty challenging yet some people have become naturals in this field having mastered the art. Behind every great musical sound you hear, is an even greater songwriter. To them every lyric means something, every chord is a message.

Though there are other artistes that are considered honourable and good enough to be on this list, it has been limited to ONLY five artistes; the compilation was carefully conducted by Gave Records with consultation on listeners’ preferences.

1. Ambassador Marron Cassel

Ambassador Marron Cassel’s is without doubt the godmother of Liberian gospel music. Amb Marron Cassel is also one of the popular gospel singers in Liberia.

She is a popular face at different events, concerts, church programs and shows especially in both the rural and urban part of the country, and we all know that these concerts and church shows are a major source of income for gospel musicians.

With over decades experience, she is definitely a popular figure in gospel music in Liberia. She has also recorded a couple of hit songs that are popular in Liberia, Africa and the World at large.

Few hits songs to her credit include “The War Is Over” “Liberia You Are Lifted” “When I Look Back” “No Want Can Do Me Like You Do” and “Only You I Know.”

2. Ambassador Kanvee Adams

This is one award winning and internationally recognized musician to be reckoned with in the gospel category, with over 15 albums to her credits.

She is definitely one of the most popular gospel musicians in Liberia, her songs are popular in Liberia and beyond. With voice so soothing and pure, she and her music have been endeared to lovers of high taste music.

She won the prestigious Liberian Entertainment Award in 2009 and 2010, where she was voted best Gospel Artist of the Year in the United States.

Hit tracks attributed to her include: “Carry Your Load” “I Have Come A Long Way” “Heart Desire” “Stand By Me” “Glory To The Lord” “Thank God For Mama” “Finally” and her latest most played gospel music “Liberia Is On The Rising.”


3. Cyrus Townsend

The name Cyrus Townsend is a familiar name when it comes to Liberian gospel artists, this talented Gospel singer, songwriter, composer, and performer is the brain behind hit gospel single “Do Not Cry.”

The legendary singer is no doubt an accomplished music minister, whose songs are filled with the divine presence of God, with great lyrical depth and inspiration and a great message of hope for our generation.

Since stepping into the gospel podium, the “Do Not Cry” crooner has continued to carve a niche for himself by marking the beginning of a new worship trend in Liberia. He has released several hits songs including “Home Coming Day” “Jesus Besides Me” “Settle Me Papa God” “The Anointing Of Jesus” and “I Can’t Fail.”

4. Ambassador Eveine Kamara

Eveine Kamara has become a famous gospel artist whose songs are popular in Liberia and beyond its borders. This talented songwriter is one of the most blessed Liberian gospel singers of our time.

Amb Eveine Kamara has been very active in working on her music and ministering at events. She is greatly motivated by the desire to write inspiring songs which could help people to worship God and be lifted and healed.

The “Always On Time” singer has received many awards and recognition for her music. She became one of the most remarkable gospel singers whose talent is well known from songs like “If You Knew Me” “It’s Over Now” ” What The Lord Will Do” and “Year Of Lifting.”

5. Evelyn Marshall

Evelyn Marshall is among the leading Liberian gospel artists of the past decades. Her evangelical musical personal, reserved personality and mastery of gospel has pushed her to the top of the gospel music charts.

Her songs can activate your worship spirit and ginger you for the power of prayer. She has preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ through her music for a longtime now. She has an exceptional and evangelical voice which make her songs powerful and spirit awakening.

The gospel singers listed above have made a significant contribution to the Liberian music industry. Each of these artists has built a successful singing career in Liberia. Names of some of them even became internationally popular.


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