The Liberian music industry is fast-paced. One could become stale in the blink of an eye. In this piece, takes a look at some of the top artistes in the industry without a hit song to their names in recent times.


Pillz is one of the most easily recognisable names in the Liberian music industry. However, it’s been a while since we last heard her velvety voice on a hit song. Her last known single Puna Ni Ni, was released October, last year, but was short of being a hit.

Inasmuch as an artiste is ultimately judged by her repertoire over the years, she needs to keep putting out fresh music to stay relevant.


Sadly, gone are the days when most successful rap songs in Liberia were flavoured by Revoluxon’s voice. These days, we only hear the rapper on social media.

The rapper released “EveryBody” some months ago but it failed to garner enough public reckoning to make it a hit.

Though Revoluxon has been able to prove his mettle over the years, nothing tangible has been heard from him recently.

Nuchie Meek

The journey of Nuchie Meek to relevance in the music industry is one that can be said to have been achieved against all odds.

He wasn’t given a chance from the onset but he fought, tooth and nail, to have his voice heard.

His fans wouldn’t surely mind some sort of assurance from the rapper to keep their mind at rest that he’s still in the industry.

C- Jay

This is another artiste that started with so much promise but seemed to run out of steam midway.

C- Jay 2017 hit song, “Boss Chick” was so big that the lyrics became a ‘national anthem’. However, the jerry curls-wearing singer has not been able to rework that magic, despite how hard he has been trying.

The singer’s song, “Rising Sun” was enjoyed by some but somehow, it didn’t make it to the big leagues even though it promoted self-worth among dark-skinned people.


Chiller Coolnanee

It seems Chiller Coolnanee love for his family has kept him more in the news lately than his music career. He regularly report stories of himself showing off his family on social media but it’s been a while we heard a hit song from him.


When Sweetz came into the industry, a lot of people expressed delight that she might just be the first female artiste from Liberia to break through the glass ceiling of the music industry. However, those who thought that way have had a rethink.

Sweetz has been unable to turn out hit songs as expected of a person who aims to compete seriously in the highly saturated industry.


Some may say CanC took a matrimonial leave but even before she got married, she had been having difficulty delivering a hit.

There is a dearth of vibrant female voices in the industry at the moment. People like CanC can capitalise on that drought to push themselves back into reckoning.


Undoubtedly gifted, many often wonder what went wrong with Yung Classic. There has been an eerie silence from the artiste for far too long.

Kizzy W

Kizzy W inclusion on this list is a culmination of several factors. Truly, the singer has consistently been releasing songs but they never seem to make it to the charts, more less topping them.

Perhaps, the songs are not enjoying as much promotion as they should.

Da Vero

Da Vero is still regarded as one of the top female artistes in the country. However, it is also true that she hasn’t had a hit song in recent times.


DenG came into the industry with such promise that no one would have expected to see his name on a list like this so soon.

However, DenG has been missing from the charts for too long. Probably the several sexual harassment and assault allegations against the artiste could partly be blamed for his reduced visibility though.

Eric Geso

One of the acclaimed songwriters in the industry, Eric Geso has a rich music pedigree.

The singer has also done well for himself with notable songs such as, “Da You I Want” “Taya” “I Freakor”


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