Ugandan musician puts career on hold

Bebe Cool

Ugandan Raggae and Afro-dancehall artiste Bebe Cool has vowed not to mount the stage and perform in Uganda again after stones and other objects were thrown at him during a recent stage performance.

Bebe Cool who had to be escorted off the stage took to Facebook to announce his decision not to mount the stage again until further notice.

According to reports, Bebe Cool was pelted with stones by a section of the crowd who do not ascribe to his political belief and are on the opposite side of the political divide.

In a the long but emotional facebook post, Bebe Cool talked about how he had chosen to remain silent over the recent political happenings in the East African nation as a sign of tolerance and how this recent incident has forced him to come to the decision not to mount any stage again until he takes a decision to do so again, explaining that his safety and that of his family come first.

Bebe Cool also used the opportunity to call for calm heads and peace in Uganda as the country faces uncertainty amidst a tense political atmosphere that stems from Musician and legislator Bobi Wine’s arrest.

Read his facebook post below announcing his decision not to mount the stage again:

My name is Moses Bebe Cool Ssali, a Ugandan by birth, a muganda, a muslim, a father, a husband, a brother, a son and a friend to many. I have been in the music business for more than 20 years now and i am proud to say that i have made a great contribution to the development of the Ugandan, East African & African entertainment industry. It gives me great pride to witness several young musicians, comedians, instrumentalists and promoters make a fine living in this entertainment industry. In this same industry, i have built a life for myself, my family, friends and many dependants.The current fruits from this industry would not have existed if Uganda did not have peace, freedom, tranquillity and tolerance for each others’ religious, political and cultural beliefs.

For the last few weeks, i had chosen silence as a means to exercise my tolerance for the political events that are currently transpiring in the country. Unfortunately, while at a performance last Friday, i was pelted with bottles and stones by a group of people purportedly because i do not subscribe to their political beliefs.

For the safety of myself, family, friends and fans, i regrettably would like to announce that i will not be making any public performances until further notice. My prayer is that the current situation in our beloved country doesn’t deteriorate into an unfortunate state. For God and my Country.

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