Upcoming artists are dying with their talent due to the so called known artist in the industry. These big guys don’t look back to help the fellow artist from their community.

Imagine if most of these artists were to go back to their various communities and work with some upcoming artists, am sure by now most communities wouldn’t be like the way it is musically.

Most of these known artists if they collaborate with someone who they know that is fighting for his/her talent they don’t even bother to help promote the same song.

This is making the Liberian music industry boring because we are been fed with the same type of music. I just urge the known artists to be aware that you can’t claim to be the king if the competition is not massive.

A successful king is a king who shares what he knows to the community, and a failure is that one who keeps what he knows to himself. I hope even other big guys will take note on how important upcoming artist are, cause you were once upcoming.

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