“Pekin la” Welcoming their fans into the new year, Margas (“Open Zippor”), Christoph (“Uncle Vambo”), and Revoluxon teamed up to bring hipco fans a classic: “Ur Want Noise.”

On the track, all three artists made sure to throw some jibes at Bucky Raw and others, while delivering some classic hipco bars.

Open Zippor opened the track delivering some of his hottest bars, as he commented on the tough hustle environment in Liberia. Comparing his flow, to others in the rap, he claimed his fans know his flows sweet like strawberry.

Open Zippor also delivered personal bars about losing some friends, as those friends no longer just smoke, but are now “chasing the crack habit.” Ending his verse, by claiming that “he’s always cooking, and that his food is always sweet (roughly translate from Koloqua).”

Christoph followed up first, delivering some “trapco” bars before cleverly switching to deliver some slick “Hipco” bars. And of course, he took shots at Bucky Raw. Christoph is yet to respond to Bucky Raw team call for a ceasefire as he has been busy taking shots at Bucky Raw and others.


On Ur Want Noise, the self-proclaimed “Hipco King” defiantly asked, “La who say, me and ma men nehn will not play in… Liberia.” Clearly responding to claims that his recent snubbed at the Music Awards, his “beef” with Bucky Raw, and other rumors about him are getting to him.

Surprisingly, Bucky Raw is currently still observing a self-imposed ceasefire. But how many shots will Christoph take before he’s satisfied?

Revoluxon ended the track delivering smooth bars of his own, talking about since they want noise, he will yell in their ears while they are asleep. Taking shots at Buck Raw, the talented artists stated, “ley two feet claiming he’s better than me, la short people joke.”

2019 just started, but will the competition in the music industry take the industry to another level?

Listen to Ur Want Noise here.


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