Word on the street is, Hipco’s heavyweight Christoph the Change AKA “Ley Girls Nehn Bonnie Dust, will be stopping in the United States on his “What Y’all Want” tour.

Currently, we are only aware of the talented artist’s stop in Minnesota on July 28, 2019. That’s two days after the Independence Day celebration in Minnesota or (from the look of things, Minnesota will already be boiling).

PHOTO CREDIT : Jozie Chizzlle

With Minnesota already boiling around that time, Christoph and his entourage entering the mix will only make Liberian people “fullor place.”


In case you missed Christoph last successful but controversial US tour, you have another chance to see Hipco’s own “Uncle Vambo” live. The last time Christoph toured the United States, it was not easy.

“Ley Girls nehn bonnie dust” is currently still embroiled in controversies from that tour. But just like his fans, he is coming back for more. Rumor is, his high-profile beef with Bucky Raw started on that tour. We can only imagine what Christoph’s return to the states this summer will be like.

But don’t be stuck imagining, go get your tickets and show one of Hipco’s finest artist some love. reached out to the rapper’s camp for more information about his tour but we are yet to receive an answer. We will update you on the rapper’s tour once we have more information.


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