Very Touching! Jaredo’s Ex Girlfriend Pens Heartfelt Letter To Him

Afro-Pop artiste Jaredo’s ex girlfriend Kimmie Turner, has penned down a heartfelt letter to ex partner in crime and singer Jaredo, awakening him of some of their pass relationship memories.

She expressed her sadness at the fact that although she helped Jaredo up his career in the past, he has turned his backs against her and are spreading falsehood about her wherever they find themselves.

She went on to express her disappointment over the fact that her so called friend, musician Pretty Zee, was the snitch that was carrying the fake news from one place to another, and ended up loving Jaredo.

Below is Kimmie Turner heartfelt letter to SOG Record artiste Jaredo:

Once upon a time I thought I was gonna be your forever and I thought that this love would have lasted forever. But dude…where is the love that I showed you? Is this how you repay a person that sacrificed their life just to save you and be with you? Why are u so ungrateful?

I remember the times that I used to share my allowance with, buy u stuffs just to support us in ur career? All the times I used to beg bloggers to support you and I even turned out to be ur personal promoter at that time.

I did all that a when it was time to reap what I sow u changed on me and start acting like one millionaire kid. I did not care about the 2 cents you had, neither who u are, or how many people knew you. All I wanted was love, care and respect but u changed up on me.

U left me and put me as ur 3rd party girl to u…time when by u put me in your enemy zone.. I didn’t do anything to deserve this! Well I don’t blame u, I blame my so called friend PRETTYZEE, who was the snitch that was carrying the fake news from one place to another and she ended up loving to u…I covered this song simply because of u….This is it.

This is an issue that is still fresh and has kept both their fans at loggerheads.

Below are photos of Jaredo and Kimmie:

Jaredo and Kimmie

Jaredo and Kimmie

Jaredo and Kimmie

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