If Liberia is strapped with a lot of problems, it is also undoubtedly blessed with a lot of talents who have in turn touched every corner of the world with their gift.

Alex Nyenga professionally known as Jackie Russ, is a Liberian born artist, video director, and record producer. He is best known for directing music videos for several A–Lists recording artists.

Jackie Russ, is one of the top talents in the entertainment industry specifically when it comes to video directing. The big talent in addition, has won multiple awards that proves how efficient he is.

The renowned videographer was nominated along with Kenzo, Roland Barbiah, Brain Ohene and Raw Talent.

Jackie Russ, took to his Instagram account to acknowledge the award organizers and his many supporters.


It will be interesting to see how Jackie’s fare at the awards. It may signal his journey to superstardom and mark the beginning of a new era.

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