• According to Reggie Rockstone, VVIP shouldn’t be pressured to release new songs

•He said members of the group are currently embarking on individual solo projects

• Reggie said Ghanaians do not appreciate music well enough

Reggie Rockstone, a member of the VVIP music group, has established that his team does not owe it to anyone to consistently release songs because they are legends.

According to the ‘hip-life grandpapa’, VVIP has over the years contributed their quota to the Ghanaian entertainment industry and as such needs to be applauded instead of subjecting them to unnecessary pressure.

Scores of fans have questioned the dormancy of the Hiplife group, particularly about why they are not releasing new songs.

But addressing such rumors, Reggie said:

“You won’t find two legendary brands coming together as one. Reggie Rockstone is a solid brand on its own and VIP is equally a fantastic brand. These two brands coming together make a perfect combination. We are not some underground artistes looking for fame. We do things at our own pace and no one can pressure us on when to release a song.”

Asked what the group is currently up to, Reggie stated in an interview with Graphic showbiz that;

“Although we are embarking on our solo projects, the group is still very solid and very relevant now. In the space of four years, we gave Ghanaians back-to-back hits. Songs such as Skolom, Selfie, OMG (Oh My Goodness), Dogo Yaro just to mention a few, which were all hits, and that should tell anyone that when we want to give Ghanaians hit songs, we just do it,” he said.

He also joined in the assertion that music in Ghana has not been given as much prominence as it ought to have received.

“Music is a serious business and a lot of musicians have made fortunes from it but it is sad that we don’t give it that much importance in Ghana. When I see music being downplayed in Ghana, I feel so hurt. Look at how the Nigerians have been able to brand Afrobeats and are making a lot of money from it. Music is like food and everyone enjoys his or hers at different times. I like ‘Waakye’ and someone likes rice balls and that is how music is. Some Ghanaians enjoy rap and others singing,” he asserted.

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