We stand with Suzan Gbangaye; says LMI boss Marie Kwende Collins

Last month, blogger Suzan Gbangaye made a statement on facebook live that landed her in hot water with SOG recording artist CIC.

She said ‘I put a question mark on Quincy B death’ when addressing musicians Bucky Raw and CIC beef on facebook live.

The Australian based blogger have been subjected to harassment, humiliation, online bullying and scare tactics since then by team SOG while vacationing in Liberia with her bae, music producer Stone Luckshine.

Following the sudden passing of mega star Quincy B, music fans have accused musician CIC of allegedly killing Quincy B.

CIC, disclosed in a facebook post, that he suffered depression and felt suicidal after the motor accident which left one dead and three passengers including CIC with non-life threatening injuries.

CIC, was made MTN brand ambassador shortly after the accident. A position superstar Quincy B, held before his passing. This raised further questions over CIC involvement in Quincy B death. The allegations have been voiced by many Liberians in and out of the country.

During a recent court proceeding, the judge dismissed CIC defamation claim. CIC claimed to have suffered emotional distress and requested 10k in court due to Suzan comment. The case was dismissed at the Paynesville Magisterial Court because they did not have jurisdiction over the matter. CIC and his team have taken the case to Monrovia Circuit Court. -source: Inside Liberia

Suzan, in a facebook post, alerted her followers that she was stopped at the RIA Airport from returning home to Australia to be with her daughter.

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Marie Kwende Collins is an Entrepreneur, Freelance writer, Philanthropist and Feminist. CEO of Liberia Music Insider Blog. Email: Mariecollins894@gmail.com

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