What is the full meaning of lament?

1 : to express sorrow, mourning, or regret for often demonstratively : mourn … must regret the imprudence, lament the result …— Jane Austen. 2 : to regret strongly He lamented his decision not to go to college. lament.


What does lament mean biblically?

lossThe definition of lament is an expression of loss, sometimes through artistic expression. An example of a lament is The Book of Lamentations in the Old Testament of the Bible. noun. Lament is defined as to feel loss, sorrow or regret, often expressed in a physical way.

What is a word for lament?

Some common synonyms of lament are bemoan, bewail, and deplore. While all these words mean “to express grief or sorrow for something,” lament implies a profound or demonstrative expression of sorrow.


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